Art Through Adventure

Missing Link

People don't see each other,
People don't hear each other,
People don't speak to each other,
People don't care for each other,
People don't think for each other.

Breathe in. Hold. Exhale. Look at the people next to you, when is last time you notice others around you? 
Not the awareness of their physical being but where they at in life, in your life. 
I recently noticed that people are more hostile and careless towards each other and not so open with each other, and it grows day by day.his body of work is a conceptual take on the issue; of people's see-less, hear-less, speak-less, careless, and thoughtless attitude towards one another, In a time where we are all connected but yet apart." ------------------------------------- Those photographs are meant to be an interactive piece where the participants need to flip the images that have glued together. Personally, this way the wet ink will have left on your fingertip thus connect you and thus completing the "Missing Link." -------------------------------------Thanks for @preislergrabicki For being a great dancer and model! And thanks @farahhosny_photography For assisting me to bring this project to an fantastic ending! And of course thanks the @newyorkfilmacademy