Art Through Adventure

Untitled Work

[Untitled work] We cross lands and oceans, cultures and races, stills and motions. Did I ask myself how to bring worlds together? Merge the roads as one. I attempt to combine all I have known here; movements, stills, costumes, fashion, campaign and fine art. here I bring to you the final images that best translate my visions to you. 

— A project at NYFA’s fashion program. my vision on both fashion and motion, exploring shape, force, connection, and space. It was and still is a fantastic memory, we as a class all grow and learns from each other, and me as a person opening my mind to a new vision! I want to thank all people that are involved in this process from faculties to staff members, that are all very patient, creative, and helpful.  

— Special thanks to
MODEL: Natalie Styskyle Livsey
AGENCY: statemgmt 
HAIR Stylist: Michelle Jack
EQ: BroncolorCanon 
PRODUCER: Stephany Viera Fernandez 
HOST: Ruby Bird Studio
CREW: Frank ChouJulia BrookhartSawnMagdalena Haddock
INTRODUCTOR: Kristina Varaksina